Mas Blanc

Rural Guesthouse

Mas Blanc

Rural Guesthouse

Mas Blanc

Rural Guesthouse


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A Unique Place

Mas Blanc is located to the south of the municipality of Sant Martí de Centelles, before reaching the place of Racó de la Font, to the east of the C-1413b road that, for large stretches, follows the route of the old medieval and modern royal road from Centelles to Sant Feliu de Codines. The house is at the level of the Turón de la Antigua (859 m) which, as a continuation of the crest of Puig Fabregar (933 m), surrounds the Racó de la Font or, as it is said in the old local documentation, Sant Martí del Racó.




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Next September 10th, at Mas Blanc we offer DINNER and CONCERT.

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